Rhyse sat in maths and scratched his head. He had no idea what a Pythagorean theory was or why he needed to learn it. All he cared about was getting out of his boring lecture. Suddenly, he feels his cell phone buzz between his legs. He looks down at it but before he has a chance to read what it says his professor calls his name. 

"Mr. Rhyse, cell phone on my desk. Now." Rhyse slumped over in his desk and ignored the teacher. "If you won’t hand over your phone you can visit the principal." Rhyse stood up and began to pack his bag.

"I want to thank you all for having me today," says Rhyse cheekily. "But the porygon theory can suck my d-"


Rhyse leapt over his desk and through the door. He saw no need in going to the principal’s office now that he was already in trouble. He had basically earned himself a whole afternoon off. His phone vibrates again and he checks it. It’s from Steve.

'Come to the cafeteria, we've got good news. Bring Nick.'

Rhyse trotted down the hallway towards the science laboratory. He peeks through the window and notices Nick and Jordan standing over a billowing flame. He raps on the glass and catches their attention.

Jordan comes to the door. ”What do you want?” he asks.

"Steve’s got news. Good news. Make up some bullshit excuse and get Nick to come to the cafeteria." 

Jordan rolled his eyes and shut the door. He begins coughing violently as Nick turns off the bunsen burner and rushes to his aid. Their professor points them to the door and the two exit the room with Rhyse in tow.

They arrive in the cafeteria and see Steve and Ryan sitting with two new people, a fair skinned fashionable girl with long brown hair and an uncomfortable looking dark skinned boy. The three boys take a seat at the table with the others and Steve speaks,

"This is Jovan. He’s going to be hanging out with us from now on."

The gang exchanges looks of apathy. Jovan looks alright, no harm done.

"Is that the good news?" asks Rhyse.

"No," says Ryan. "The good news is we’re going to a party tomorrow night. At the old yellow brick road place."

The group is shocked. The yellow brick road mansion belonged to Simone’s great grandparents in the 1920s. It’s often considered one of the most beautiful buildings in New York City.

Nick points at the girl. “That’s great, but who are you?”

She smiles and folds her arms. 

"I’m Laine." 


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